Thursday, September 16, 2010

Secret Cafe: The Wellness House - Energize Cafe

The Energize Cafe in The Wellness House has to be my favorite place to eat in Orange, serving food till 3pm, its great for breakfast, lunch, or snacks in-between. Who knew I would become so attached to what is essentially a doctors waiting room? There is something truly special about Energizer, from its ability to make gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and just plain healthy meals, look delectable and taste amazing, to the relaxed atmosphere of a good coffee and indulgent chocolate cake and they've done it all in a health centre. You don't have to be sick to need an excuse to eat here, I’d move in here if I could.

Despite being quite a hike from most residential areas, its nearly always full for lunch. Don’t be put off by the communal table at the back, its probably the only place to sit, and it is large enough for one to sit in peace and not be disturbed by others. 

The food is truly divine, a little on the pricey side but the serving size and the quality really make up for it. The menu may look a little limited, but there is a lot of variety, with something for everyone; Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks with puff pastry, served with mash potato and green beans are one special to look out for, and if Chicken and Sweetcorn broth is on the menu, be quick it sells out fast! If you prefer a BLT on white bread, they’ve got you sorted too, but if you fancy a mixed fresh juice, or a smoothie to go with you salad plate (selection of four salads) you’re in for a treat! For $11 you get a ‘salad plate’ with something from each of their four salads of the day, so you don’t have to choose! But if you know for sure you don’t like the look of one - for me its the Cauliflower Salad, even gourmands have their pet hates - just mention it to the staff and they’ll make a note and happily give you a little extra of the others to make up. The potato salad is one of the best I’ve had, and I’ve yet to see any other cafe successfully turn their salads into proper and full meals. No pitiful side salads with no dressing here! Every salad is as filling as any meal should be, full of flavor and texture - you just have to live with it being cold.

 Unlike some cafe’s in Orange, Energizer does serve their breakfast menu all day, but don’t expect a full english here. Instead go for the Hazelnut pancakes, with poached pears and honeycomb or the Breakfast Burrito of beans, rice, egg, tomato, coriander, cheddar cheese served with guacamole and yogurt on the side two traditional breakfast rivals that I’d take over standard fare any day! 

Where they truly excel is in their fresh juices and smoothies. My favorite being the ‘Lemon, Lime Ginger Ale'. A wonderfully bright pink drink made from grapes, apple, soda water and yes lemon, lime and ginger. Nature really can create that bright pink colour and deliver amazing tastes of citrus and ginger, without the normal acidity thanks to the sweetness of grape juice. The soda water makes it a really refreshing drink that cleanses the palate while stimulating it all at the same time. They are expensive, $6.80 for a large and $4.80 for a small glass, but that is what you pay for quality. 

The Cakes and other sweet treats may have a strange list of ingredients, but they also reflect the high quality and imagination that goes into all the food at Energize. The chocolate cake, made with belgian chocolate and beetroot (told you, strange) is gluten free - but you’d never know! Its one of the best cakes I’ve had in a long time, and no amount of begging would gain me the recipe. 

All in all, The Energize Cafe at the Wellness House is a true secret of Orange. Don’t forget that the doctors at Wellness also bulk bill all their patients, giving you a bit more money to spend on lunch in the best waiting room ever constructed. 

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